The stray dogs of Moscow

So, you all have heard by now of the stray dogs of Sochi, in Russia. Well, this is the story of Petrovich, a stray dog from Moscow. That doesn’t make it any less interesting.

You can see him here posing by himself, a wise old gentleman as well as with his sisters. Literally his sisters, his actual littermates.

His story begins some 11 years ago. His human mom travels often because of her job and one of her many travels brought her to the far reaches of Europe, Moscow. There, a stray dog had given birth to her puppies a few months before somewhere on a construction site. As luck would have it, Petrovich’s future human mom couldn’t resist the bundles of fur and she went to great lengths to bring two of the three pups with her to Montreal, Canada. Petrovich was “adopted” by the construction crew so he stayed behind for three more years, period during which his future human mom passed to visit a few times and brought food and cuddles. In the end, the connection that formed between them was too strong so she decided to bring him back to Canada as well. He was successfully adopted and now lives with his two sisters in a beautiful house next to a park. He is loved and has domain over plush couches and comfy rugs. He has also beat cancer. If he remembers anything from his distant past, you couldn’t tell about it when he asks for belly rubs or comes to investigate the treat in your hand. Perhaps only his wise eyes hold a reminder of how far he’s come.

three dog brothers