Siberian Husky photoshoot

A few weeks ago I photographed  a wonderful blended family. Two of the kids had fluffy tails and perky ears. Get where I’m going with this? 😛

The “kids” were two 11 year old Siberian huskies. They are brothers and one of them is, sadly, dying of cancer. The dogs are loved and look great, honestly wouldn’t have guessed they were that old. Always a little difficult to do photo sessions like this; I know how their “dad” was feeling. Most of you reading this probably do as well. I did my best to capture their bond and I think I did a fairly good job. They loved their photos at the the “reveal” meeting. 🙂

I can only hope that looking at their prints over the years, they will be able to better recall the memories and the moments that these two lovebugs brought into their lives.


husy or worf photo