Old dogs

Initially I wanted to call this post: Old souls and the limitations of our perception. But that sounded too pretentious. This is Angeloup. She is 13 year old and has survived a heart attack. She is also deaf. Which means she longer hides under the table when the rain thunders or the fireworks sound up. She is a stray that was brought to her human parents by their other dog (who has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge).

Angeloup likes to carry rocks around in her mouth and roll in the grass. She will be gone soon and these photos will be all that’s left of her, to help along with the memories, which will tragically fade as time goes by. This is one of the photoshoots I did where I did not direct the dog in any way, I just followed her around and let her show me whatever she wanted to show me because I did not want to stress her out. The photos came out exactly the way I wanted them. Thank you, Angeloup.

Old dog smiling

dog carrying rock dog rolling in the grass