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Terriers photoshoot

A while a go I had a request to do a “Birthday photo-shoot” for a Bedlington terrier and his canine brother. This took place in our Montreal photo studio. Here are a few photos from the session, including one shot with the proud pet-mom. Enjoy!

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Are you ready for Christmas, Montreal?

Mickey the bulldog wants to know: are you ready for Christmas, Montreal?

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Christmas shopping ideas

“Tis the season..to start thinking about what you are going to get your family for Christmas. If you like animals and nature, I have the solution for you! In collaboration with Zazzle you can  now buy our original photos in a vast array of gifts. Cats, dogs, cups, pillows and mousepads, even a winter hoodie […]

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All about dogs

Do you have a new puppy? Have you tried to photograph him or her? They just won’t stand still long enough, huh.. We thought so. We have the cure for what ails you. Give us a shout and we’ll talk about it… 😉

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You want to know what your pup is thinking?

We can get you pretty close; albeit via our lens not a doggy translator. (We are still working on that, shhhh…)

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People and their dogs

Yes, you can be in the picture too. In fact, I’m pretty sure your pup will appreciate the memories, a few years down the line. :-p

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