Mikey the bulldog

I had a very busy weekend, photographing dogs…and a gangster. Yes, you read me right. Right here in Montreal! Allow me to introduce Mikey the gangster, ready to receive you in his “office”. This is the first time I had the opportunity to photograph such a charming and well-trained bulldog. He, very patiently, allowed me and his owner to dress him up (more photos to come later in the week – stay tuned).

Although I have had moments during this photoshoot when I had to dodge a rapidly approaching pooch barreling towards the camera (and me, by extension) as only a bulldog can; I will admit I enjoyed Mickey very much. He gave us adorable piggy snorts and butt wiggles and generally made the afternoon a lot of fun!

The hobbies of Mikey the English bulldog are: smoking cigars, drinking coffee and generally being dapper. His pictures will particularly demonstrate to what extent. I hope you enjoy them.