A family photoshoot

Now I know that when someone mention “family photography” your first thought is taking you to the parents with their kids. Human kids, that is..

Well, as it turns out in my line of work, the ‘kids” are usually of the furry, four-pawed variety. Case in point, a recent photo session comprised of mom, dad and two furkids. I should say two adorable furkids. I will never deny that working with animals is hard but, at least for me, patience and a willingness to spend 2 hours crawling on my belly while making weird sounds, seem to appear out of thin air (I am generally not a patient person – LOL) when it comes to working with cats or dogs. Some session are also more rewarding than others. This one was particularly fun. Enjoy some of the pictures I took.

French bulldog playing

Family photoshoot with dogs in Montreal