Monthly Archives for October 2015

Montreal Fall Photoshoot

Fall is a wonderful season in Quebec, if you like taking photos outdoors. Today we tried bringing our dog outside for a mini photoshoot. Did I mention she is a German Shepherd and Husky mix? Yeah, the energy levels are up there. Here is one of my favorites. She is looking at a squirrel so […]

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Do you dress up your pets for Halloween?

Bet you all want your dog to be this happy to dress up for #Halloween! One thing is sure, he is taking his job very seriously! LOL #dogsincostume #montreal #firefighter #costume #petsincostume. 🙂

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Prepare to Fall in love…

Prepare to Fall in love. With this adorable pooch, or the scenery, or both. Take advantage of the gorgeous Montreal colors right at your doorstep and bring your dog outside for a canvas-ready photoshoot. You can follow Quebec’s changing colors with this neat little tracking tool: https://www.quebecoriginal.com/en/discover/seasons-in-quebec Some cool places to see the colour also are: Mont […]

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