Monthly Archives for August 2015

Black cat appreciation day

#blackcatday Today is Black cat appreciation day! Isn’t this one just gorgeous? Psst.. in some cultures Black Cats are said to bring good luck to their owners… Here are some interesting black cat facts: The black fur gene is recessive, so a cat must carry two copies of it to be black. Scientists have found genetic mutations […]

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A healthy life with your dog

Have a healthy life…with your pet. Incorporate him or her into your healthy lifestyle. Share the love (and the good habits) with your dog. Run, walk, hike and generally enjoy the great outdoors with your four-legged companion. Make memories together and collect smiles for a lifetime. Some places you can take your dog around Montreal: […]

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Gleener commercial photoshoot

In the past week, our studio had the great opportunity to photograph the upcoming advertising campaign for Gleener The Ultimate Fuzz Remover. Although the products and campaign will only be ready in about one year, for now I can show you some of the “making of” photos from the epic 3-day shoot. In passing, this photoshoot was done in collaboration […]

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