Monthly Archives for June 2015

Old dogs

Initially I wanted to call this post: Old souls and the limitations of our perception. But that sounded too pretentious. This is Angeloup. She is 13 year old and has survived a heart attack. She is also deaf. Which means she longer hides under the table when the rain thunders or the fireworks sound up. […]

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Published work

Always nice to see your photography published in a print magazine. If you like cats, this is the digital version: http://www.catster-digitalmagazine.com/catster/july_august_2015d#pg50 Of course, not as impressive as the People Magazine article but hey… 😉    

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Maine Coon photoshoot

In life, there are cats, and then there are Main Coon cats. You have to meet one in person to realize how gorgeous they really are. They are huge and fluffy and soft and cuddly. They can also be funny. Like this:     Of course he can also be dignified in his photos. Somewhat… […]

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