Monthly Archives for April 2015

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Recent vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to recharge artistic batteries and quality tequila levels. Here are a few photos. You can see the beach, flowers and of course glimpses of magical place that Playa can be at night. This is a house and palm trees by the ocean. Vegetation on a tree trunk on the […]

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Animal bloopers

I’ve been thinking for a while for a way to showcase all those animal photos that I took but never made it into the client’s selection because they were too strange or just plain funny (and inappropriate, sometimes..LOL) . So, I decided to add an “Animal Bloopers” section to my website. While that gets ready, […]

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Beautiful kittens

Of all the cats I’ve ever photographed, ( and I have seen  my fair share of unique), Sphynxes have always been the  most fascinating. I know some people have strong reaction upon seeing them; usually not of the positive kind, but I personally have grown very fond of them. In reality, they are gentle, playful […]

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What do cats dream about?

Sometimes when I photograph cats, I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking. Ok, granted, for some of them the message is obvious: “Mom, get me out of here; I hate all these flashing lights in my eyes.” Some of them are natural born stars and ham it to the camera with delightful ease. […]

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