Monthly Archives for March 2015

Sam…I am

This is Sam the dog. The basset hound, lab, german shepherd and love mix. He’s got the eyes and the sass and the softest fur ever! He loves his treats and his human parents. I had fun photographing Sam and his parents a while ago. Sam tried to lick me and he tried to lick the […]

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Color me Spring

It’s spring somewhere on the continent….

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Photographing Atchoum the cat

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a very unique looking cat: His name is Atchoum and, yes, he is a cat. Not an owl, not an ewok not a mad scientist, just a lovable persian kitten born with a very hairy condition called Hypertrichosis. Yes, I dare you to say that out […]

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Why photograph your pets professionally?

This post is going to be a little odd perhaps, a little off-kilter. “Why would I photograph my pets” someone asked me recently. I guess the underlying question would be “why hire a professional to photograph my dog/cat/ferret..etc..? ” The blunt answer is: because they will (probably) die before you and all you will have […]

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International Women’s Day

Here are some tulip photos I took for International women’s day, the month of March and Spring in general, whenever it may decide to show up; it will be welcomed in style! 🙂  

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