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Valentine’s Day event in Montreal.

#Montreal We are thinking about doing some Valentine’s day mini-sessions (20 minutes), in collaboration with a pet-related business (in their space). This would be by appointment only (ahead of time). Session cost is $48 with two complementary hi-res digitals. If this appeals to you, contact me in PV to set up a date, a time […]

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Copyright law for your images

So I stumbled upon a very interesting blog post about how your images/ photos are actually protected on the vast expanses of the internets. This is proof that you CAN protect your work. Excerpt from Sassy Design‘s blog post: “Sharing digital copyright protected files, whether it is design templates, digital papers, Photoshop actions, business contracts […]

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The stray dogs of Moscow

So, you all have heard by now of the stray dogs of Sochi, in Russia. Well, this is the story of Petrovich, a stray dog from Moscow. That doesn’t make it any less interesting. You can see him here posing by himself, a wise old gentleman as well as with his sisters. Literally his sisters, his […]

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Good pet sitters and daycare in Montreal

    Since I am a pet parent myself, I figured it’s a good idea to give a shout-out to a few doggie day care and kennel services in the Montreal area that I have already tried and I am very happy with. One of them is : Joelle Hamelin – she is a also certified […]

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Happy New year Montreal!

Happy New year Montreal pet parents! Since it’s resolution time, this year, you should probably play more with your dog or your cat and enjoy the outdoors and your family. And if you ever need memories of those good times, give us a call and we will gladly photograph them for you. 🙂

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